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Electors in Bonn

In 1597, Bonn officially became the residence of the Cologne Electors. They had already used the city on the Rhine as their residence for centuries. Many buildings in the city still date from the times of the electors, all of which are within walking distance of our Hotel Kurfürstenhof.

The university, for example, is housed in the former residential palace. The long east wing of the building reaches almost to the Rhine. The „Koblenz Gate“, surmounted by a gilded archangel, is inserted into this wing.

The town hall, built in rococo style, stands prominently on the market square. The grand staircase of the town hall, built in 1737-1738 under Elector Clemens August, is world-famous due to countless receptions of high state guests.

The former summer palace of Elector Clemens August is the end point of Poppelsdorfer Allee, also known as the Baroque Axis. It houses the Mineralogical Museum with an impressive collection.

The Botanical Gardens at the Palace are among the oldest and most species-rich gardens in the whole of Germany and are part of a formative garden ensemble created in the 18th century under electoral rule. This also includes the Hofgarten, the Alte Zoll, the Stadtgarten and the Baumschulwäldchen.