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The culture, history, and natural beauty of Bonn make the former German capital a very worthwhile destination! With the UN Campus directly adjacent to the new World Conference Center Bonn, Deutsche Welle, the Post Tower and Deutsche Telekom there are many strategic advantages for meetings and conventions -  not to mention the location along the idyllic and beautiful Rhine.

But it is the art and culture that are most important in Bonn. Millions of visitors come to the exhibitions of the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundeskunsthalle), famous contemporary masters are displayed in the Bonn Art Museum (Kunstmuseum Bonn) and living history is shown in the House of German History (Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland). Museum König for admirers of natural history, the history of calculation and arithmetic in the Arithmeum and the history of the Rhineland in the Rhineland Museum (Rheinisches Landesmuseum) fill out the "Big 7" of the museum district. Don't forget the "little treasures" of the city such as the August Macke House, the Women's Museum, the Egyptian Museum (Ägyptisches Museum), the German Museum of Bonn (Deutsches Museum Bonn) or the Ernst Moritz Arndt House. Of course, the highlight is Bonn's favourite son, Ludwig van Beethoven, who is omnipresent in the city, not just in the Beethoven House or the Beethovenhalle.

Rhinelanders love good entertainment, which is reflected in the diverse range of cabarets and theatres available. There is the Springmaus in Endenich, Bill Mockridge's career springboard for many of today's famous comedians such as Bernhard Hoecker, Dirk Bach and Ralf Schmitz. There is also Pantheon, the Theater Bonn, the Oper Bonn, the small Theater Bonn in Bad Godesberg, the Brotfabrik and the Brückenforum. Let's not forget Bonn's carnival season or the Rhein in Flammen festival.

Those who love to stay active have a rich selection of pure nature on Germany's most popular hiking trail – the Rheinsteig, long walks in the Siebengebirge or the best view from Dragon's Rock (Drachenfels) in Königswinter -  and the Petersberg with its famous guest house of the Federal Republic that today houses the Steigenberger Grand Hotel Petersberg. Or take a trip down one of the many beautiful cycling paths along the Rhine, the Sieg or the Ahr to Bad Neuenahr or Ahrweiler. Those who want to enjoy nature on the Rhine from another perspective will find just the right thing on one of the many cruise vessels of Bonner Personenschifffahrt or KD (Köln-Düsseldorfer). Enjoy a cruise to Cologne, Düsseldorf or along the Mosel toward Koblenz.

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